2 point 0 Media – Website Creation Review

Most people who ponder about creating a website at some point in time, have had an idea of what it is they desire. For me, it was more than a simple idea. I had a detailed vision with an intended path which had been brewing in my mind for, oh I don’t know, close to 5 years. 2point0 Media made that vision reality and exceeded my demanding expectations. Now I’ve spent a lot of time honing my intended design and went back to the drawing board repeatedly. I most probably wasted the time of many website designers as year after year I asked for a quote but never went through with the project for lack of confidence in my vision.

As a photographer who shoots many styles, I have to be critical about everything (composition, lighting, white balance) without loosing touch of the overall “feel” of the photograph. Many times I have designated a photograph part of the scrap pile only to find out that many close friends absolutely loved that picture, because of how it made them feel even if the lighting was inadequate and the composition was wonky. For my website, I sought after just that, balance. When I first approached Kevin Neveu from 2point0 Media, he was one of those guys I asked for a quote, years back, and never went through with it. In the end, his impressive portfolio and his strong conviction to deliver a website design that appealed to me had him become the chosen one over countless others.

To give you a sense of what I quickly sketched in Photoshop and how it changed with time, here’s a screenshot of one of my PSD templates. This is version 1.0 of many attempts.


Kevin Neveu gave my vision elegance and eloquence in such a way that though I was so stuck on my ideas, his were so easy to accept because they legitimately worked. He very meticulously listened to what I envisioned and responded promptly to a constant flooding of e-mails. One must be aware that after having waited so long to invest in a website which would be the start of my professional front, it is normal for panic to set in. 2point0 Media provided me with a very detailed breakdown of the costs of such and such service. In the end, not only was I satisfied with my final website on computer, but their staff keeping themselves up to date with trends and current technological advances insured that my website would be compatible and user friendly on any tablet, smartphone or handheld electronic device out in the world today. Additionally this meant I was provided with easy access to my domain e-mail and syncing between all my electronic devices. They set-up my Gmail account and explained everything I needed to know about in my case, the new system. Services they also offer in addition to website design is Google Analytics. As a start-up company, it’s important for me to be able to know who is visiting my website, at what frequency and for what period of time. The who also includes country of residence, which is absolutely spectacular in my opinion. Lastly, probably my favorite perk of choosing this website designer over any other, the ease of which I can access my server and make changes and edits effortlessly. The layout is so easy to use I almost naturally started to figure it out even before it was explained to me.

At the end of what must have been a long process for Kevin Neveu due to a little nagging and knit-picking on my part, the website came together better than I could ever have imagined. I was so excited on the day I revealed it to the world, that my girlfriend and I shared a delicious bottle of Italian Moscato the second I made francoalophotography.com available online. Version 2.0 was better than I could ever have imagined!

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