In the not so distant future…

I hope you’ve enjoyed your FrancoAloPhotography experience thus far. I am a man of details, and as such over the new few weeks will start adding captions to at least 2 of the albums in galleries (Nature & Life).

For my nature photographs, I want to start letting you know what settings and gear I used which led to what you currently discern as a digital image. Photography is not magic, but in more ways than one it is a science. Your intuition takes care of composition, pressing the shutter at the ‘right’ moment. Gear and science makes that vision reality.

For my life photographs, what is it you are looking at? Yes some organisms are straightforward, needless I want to incorporate my background in Ecology and give you both the common name and latin name for every organism.

It smells like Spring, and with it always new changes.

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