Magnificum foramen

If you Google the subject to this blog, you should find its English derivative to mean “grand opening”. Latin is deeply rooted in biology, a debt we owe to the late Carolus Linnaeus (1707-1778) for his system of binomial nomenclature regarding taxonomical classification. Through time, we simply revisit the old and make changes to satisfy our present needs and goals.

This website, is the accumulation of just under 8 years of photography. Eight years which have led me to visit and experience many places along with the people which render such places unique. Every year different from the last, constantly challenging my perspectives on personal motifs and global revolutions. Always trying to be fully aware of myself as well as my surroundings and help those closest to me to do the same. Here in the blog section, I hope to share with you all part of process which has allowed me to become a self-aware individual through my own artistic expression, photography.

Without stretching this to the length of a prologue, to an eventual autobiography, here you can hope to find gear reviews (do I ever love those), breakdowns to some of my favourite photographs captured, travel logs, food recipes and photographs as well as the occasional talk about anything related to this beautiful art.

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