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In-depth review: Canon 24-105 f4 IS L USM

The ‘L’ in this series lens, according to Canon, stands for luxury. After having owned it for over 4 years, I politely disagree. By all means, it is a good lens, but one cannot merely classify lenses as Canon does as either “luxury” or “not luxury”. Thanks to a process called fuzzification, which I just… Read More

2 point 0 Media – Website Creation Review

Most people who ponder about creating a website at some point in time, have had an idea of what it is they desire. For me, it was more than a simple idea. I had a detailed vision with an intended path which had been brewing in my mind for, oh I don’t know, close to… Read More

Cotton Carrier 2 Camera Vest – Review

Even before the joys of owning 2 camera bodies, I could already tell there was a dire need for a new product over that awful out of the factory strap we get when making the expensive journey from point-and-shoot cameras to DSLRs. The alternatives to a guaranteed soar neck or shoulder aren’t numerous, but more… Read More