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M.Sc. of Biology – A Path Unforeseen

Backtrack 8 years ago and I had just picked up my first DSLR, a used Canon Rebel XT from I was a musician playing bass guitar in a punk rock band (The Real Deal: no that’s actually the name of the band not a statement, though we were “the real deal”) and to date… Read More

Northern Lights Prints, Finland

During my most recent venture to Lapland to delve further into my MSc project on mammalian mating systems, specifically in reindeer, I was fortunate enough to have spectacular light shows on roughly half of my forty day stay. Here are some of my favourite which I hope you will enjoy. I am selling limited prints of each.

E-mail to inquire about the cost of different available sizes. Other photographs of the northern lights not here shown are also available for print. Shipping worldwide.

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Cotton Carrier 2 Camera Vest – Review

Even before the joys of owning 2 camera bodies, I could already tell there was a dire need for a new product over that awful out of the factory strap we get when making the expensive journey from point-and-shoot cameras to DSLRs. The alternatives to a guaranteed soar neck or shoulder aren’t numerous, but more… Read More